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A fun and interactive class designed to take birth skills to the next level!

You will learn...

  • The vital role of the birth partner in a positive birth experience.


  • Incredible support techniques for a calm and smooth labour.


  • The stages of labour and how to work with labour hormones for an easier birth.


  • Awesome pain management and comfort skills.


  • What to say and what not to say to a woman in labour.

  • The value of the birth plan and how to write one together.


  • How to create a labour tool kit.


  • Ways for the birth partner to play an active role in the birth of their child and not just be a helpless bystander.


  • How to advocate for yourselves and make informed choices for you and your baby.

Places limited...only 3 couples per class!


$195 Per Couple


Class workbook 

& mini labour

tool kit


Preggi Central Franskton

(see contact page for map)



4.00-8.00 pm 

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