Frequently Asked Questions


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At what stage of pregnancy should I do this course?


You are encouraged to do the PBF course between 20 - 30 weeks. However, it is beneficial at any stage, even in the last few weeks.


How is The Positive Birth Course different to other courses?


All childbirth education courses are beneficial however, The Positive Birth Course is definitely unique!  


Some courses only concentrate on the birth day itself, where as the PB course also includes how you can prepare the body, mind and your baby during pregnancy to make birthing easier, faster and more empowering.  It also covers the postpartum period, life with a new baby and changes in relationships.


Many courses only offer physical skills but the PB course teaches other skills like communication and decision making also. Women who report having a negative, dissatisfying or traumatic birth experience often do so because they felt disrespected, not listened to or that that their birth was railroaded by hospital policies. So we believe knowing how to speak up, get what you want and stay at the centre of your experience highly important.


Other courses tend to focus on only ONE type of comfort or coping skill such as deep relaxation. This doesn't work for everybody and can put a woman into panic during labour if what she has learnt doesn't work and she only has this type of skill to use.  The PB course teaches a variety of techniques and helps you discover what style will work for YOU!  


Overall the PB course looks at the whole picture and is more comprehensive and individualised than other programs on offer.  It is designed so that you can navigate your own journey and discover how you want to birth rather than being told how to do it.


Can't I just attend my hospital classes? Why should I do an independant childbirth education course?  


We definitely recommend doing your hospital classes as they will help you get familiar with the setting you are birthing in and gives you a good idea of their policies and routine proceedures. However, these types of classes often have a lot to cover legally and this can dilute what you really need to know for labour and birth. Plus, they dont have enough time to tell you everything you need to know.


An independant course builds on their foundation and teaches you HOW to do what they tell you e.g how to stay at home as long as possible, how to stay calm, how to work with your body etc. Also you don't know who will be teaching the hospital classes or what their birth philosophy and attitude is. You need an educator who is passionate about what they do and who can engage and inspire you.


As an independant educator Project Birth is up to date on the best and most recent evidenced based practices, something that can sometimes be lost in hospital based classes.


See the article below written by Kelly Winder for BellyBelly for more wonderful reasons to do a course with Project Birth.


"9 Ways Private Childbirth Classes Can Get Better Results"

And this article that explains how better birth education results in better birth outcomes

Study: Could Changes To Birth Classes Result in Better Birth Outcomes?

How much does the course cost?


Group courses are $395 and Private Courses are $525. This includes the birthing woman and one other support person eg. husband, partner, sister, mother etc.



Who will be teaching the course?


The course is taught by certified Child Birth Educator Yvette Julian-Arndt.  She is also the Founder of Project Birth and Creator of the Positive Birth Formula.  See ABOUT ME to read my story.


Where is the course held?


The course is held at Preggi Central 22-24 Wells Street, Frankston VIC 3199.  See CONTACT page for map.