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Crystals For Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

Updated: May 12, 2022

Throughout pregnancy, birth and early motherhood women undergo some of the most dramatic transformations they will ever encounter in their life. During pregnancy we experience extreme physical changes, heightened senses and rollercoaster emotions. Birth can be an intense and challenging event for our mind and body and the postpartum period is a time of transition, when we often need the most support of all. So, it is not surprising that as childbearing women we often feel a deep connection to our spirituality.

Crystals are said to positively interact with our energy field to provide comfort, protection, balance and healing. They can be a gentle but powerful tool during the magical journey of bringing a new life into the world.

Always choose crystals that you feel drawn to or that resonate with your intention, however here are some popular choices to use during this incredible time:

Moonstone: Supports and strengthens the feminine cycles and can aid you through fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It is said to balance the hormones, assist with fluid retention and allow acceptance of new beginnings.

Adventurine: Reduces morning sickness and eases heartburn and indigestion.

Unakite: Promotes a positive pregnancy and healthy growth for babies. It also creates a strong connection between a mother and her unborn child.

Amethyst: Calms mood swings, clears anxiety and helps to release birth related fears. It also promotes restful sleep and reduces pregnancy related insomnia.

Malachite: Known as The Midwife’s Stone it is said to stimulate contractions, ease labour pain and facilitate a safe birth.

Peridot: Said to open the birth canal for an easier, smoother birth and aid the emotional transition into motherhood.

Pink Chalcedony: A wonderful stone to support the breastfeeding process, increase lactation and ease nursing problems.

Rose Quartz: Considered the stone of love, it is great for new mums as it promotes motherly instincts and bonding with your baby.

Citrine: Perfect for the postpartum period to re-balance hormones and encourage self-care. Known to promote joy and optimism with its bright colour and energy as well as strengthen courage and self-confidence. A lovely stone for anyone suffering with postnatal depression.

Crystals can be worn as jewellery, held in your hand, placed in your pocket or bra, under your pillow, on specific body parts during meditation, used as a focal point in labour and even put in your drinking water. Make sure you purchase from a trusted source, so you know you are getting the real thing. Remember to set your intention with each crystal by concentrating on how you want it to help you. As crystals absorb a lot of negative energy it is recommended to cleanse them by laying them out during a full moon or soaking them in sea water. Work with them regularly and you will soon experience the metaphysical properties of the earth’s energy that have grounded, balanced and healed humans through many civilizations.

Happy Birthing!

Yvette x

Yvette Julian-Arndt is a mum to two gorgeous boys and with her husband, loves living on the Mornington Peninsula. As a childbirth educator and the owner of Project Birth, she is passionate about educating and inspiring couples for this life changing event. Find out more at or join her on Facebook and Instagram for more great labour and birth tips.

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