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Birth Comb



The Birth Comb is a simple and affordable acupressure tool that can make a huge difference to how you cope in labour.   



Squeezing the comb into your palm during a contraction distracts the mind & blocks labour pain messages going to the brain via the Gate Control Theory. Neurological gates decide which sensation signals get through to the brain.  In other words, not all the pain messages from your contractions get through as they are interupted by the sensation from the comb, which in turn lowers your perception of pain.



Use the comb to stimulate the LAOGONG acupressure point (see back of card) which will help to release calming energy.



The pressure of the comb's teeth along the crease where the fingers join the palm (see back of card), signal to the body to release endorphins, our own natural pain relieving hormones.



Research shows self managed pain relieving techniques to be highly effective & give us a greater sense of control over the sensations of labour.


Made from natural peachwood, its small size makes it manageable for all hands.  Its rounded teeth mean you will feel just the right amount of pressure.


Other uses:


In the event of a c-section the comb can still be used to reduce anxiety and invoke calm.


The comb can also be re-used as a baby hair comb.

Birth Comb

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