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Birth Friend - Pregnancy and Birth  "Petite" Card Deck

32 Inspirational Cards to guide you to a beautiful birth.


The "Petite" Card Deck is our smaller card deck in A6 size: 10.5cm x 14.8cm, with stylishly rounded corners. 



Custom designed organic cotton 5 x 7" drawstring bag.

Wooden Card Stand 

Instruction Card

2 blank cards to write your own affirmations, notes or use as a hospital room door sign.


Your Birth Friend cards have been designed to give you and your birth partner the confidence, skills and positive mindset to absolutely rock your baby's birth!


The cards are super powerful and can replace negative thoughts, fears and common misconceptions about birth with truth, courage and self belief...the body achieves what the mind believes.


Designed by a childbirth educator with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of birth in mind, they are so much more than any regular affirmation card sets. 




Labour Skills

Comfort Techniques

Birth Partner Prompters


How to use your card deck:


Look at them daily, say them out loud, repeat them regularly and discuss with your birth partner about how they make you feel.


Use during pregnancy to create positive thoughts about your body and build a connection with your baby.


Shuffle the cards weekly and pull out one that speaks to you and display it in on the wooden stand included.


Create a beautiful collage on a wall in your favourite room at home.


Make some bunting for your labour or birth space with twine, mini pegs and fairy lights.


Let the cards invoke calm in early labour to enable you to stay home longer, which can lead to better birth outcomes.


Take your favourite cards to hospital for inspiration, focus, comfort, pain relief, distraction and strength.


Give the labour skills and prompter cards to your birth partner so they know how to best support you and can be involved in the birth of your baby.


Features: Vibrant colours, quality silk finish cardstock, powerful images, inspiring words, evidenced based skills.

Birth Friend - Pregnancy and Birth "Petite" Card Deck

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