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Rise Mama Positive Birth Affirmation Audio Track

This is a Digital Product with Instant Download


Let go of fear and get yourself in the right mindset for a positive birth!

This beautiful and relaxing audio track of meditation music and Positive Birth Affirmations will be a key element in your birth preparations. You will condition your mind to believe all the positive statements about your body’s capabilities, the birth and your baby.

Listen to the track a few times a week in pregnancy and everyday from 36 weeks. Do it in a relaxed state eg lying in bed before you go to sleep as the mind will adapt and accept the messages more easily.

By the time you've listened to them multiple times in your daily routine, it will become second nature to think these positive thoughts and have you walking into birth believing in the birth process. You will feel inspired, confident and excited about the birth of your baby.

You can also use in early labour to create a sense of calm and reinforce that positive mindset.

This audio track has been created by Yvette a childbirth educator, with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of birth in mind.


Rise Mama Positive Birth Affirmation Audio Track

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