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A Positive Birth Experience

THE Positive Birth Course

  • Have you wondered what the secret is to a positive birth experience?

  • Asked yourself 'what do I need to do in order to bring my child into the world in a safe, gentle and joyful way?  

  • Thought 'how can I be one of those woman who says they LOVED their birth?'


The answers are in

The Positive Birth Formula

Over many years of research, talking to women and their partners about their experiences and studying childbirth, I discovered that a positive experience rarely comes down to good luck- it comes down to education and preparation. I found a number of common threads running through the stories of those who talked positively about their birth!  These common elements have been combined with the latest evidence and developed into this new birthing method.

The result is 7 essential elements to creating a safer, easier and more joyful birth and forms the foundation of the Positive Birth Course.


  Know how to best prepare your body, mind and your baby for an easier birth

 Find out common obstacles to a positive birth and how to overcome them 

Know how to prepare an effective birth plan

Eliminate fear and negative beliefs and go into labour believing YOU CAN DO IT 

Have a confident birth partner who feels they ARE an important part of the birth and not just a  bystander

Have a toolbox of skills to REDUCE the need for intervention and manage  pain naturally

Know how to stand up for your choices and birth the way thats right for you 

enjoy the birth of your child

Learn how to make informed decisions BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER BIRTH


Understand the challenges of early parenting and how you can overcome them  

BE PART of a birth revolution that passes on positive beliefs about birth to the next generation.

The Course Includes

  • Interactive education, practice and fun over two Sundays.

  • Comprehensive course manual and workbook.

  • Positive Birth Affirmations MP3.

  • 'Colour Me' Birth Affirmations Cards.

  • Birth Options Fact Sheets.

  • Phone and email support leading up to and after birth.



A FREE Maternity OR Newborn Photoshoot with the very talented Katie Toland.


$50 Gift Card 

to use in-store or online at

Preggi Central.


The course is presented in an engaging, fun and easy to follow format so the details can actually sink in.  

It is a private session for just you and your birth partner, so that you can connect, communicate and work together.  You can feel comfortable to ask questions, share your concerns and work through your fears.

It is held at Preggi Central Frankston over two Sundays from 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm.  

(see contact page for map)


         INVESTMENT $575

If you are ready to make the best possible choice for your baby's birth by booking in to The Positive Birth Course or want to see the full course content please email me at